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The beginner 200-hour training program actually equals 230 hours. Meeting regularly as either schedule A or B below, we learn the major components of Yoga. This includes the basic Asanas (yoga poses), their alignment, modifications, variations and appropriate adjustments – both verbal and hands-on – as well as the different types of pranayama (breath techniques), Mudras (hand gestures), Mantras (sacred sounds) and Meditation techniques. The 200 hr program will also include lecture on the human Anatomy (Skeletal and Muscular Systems) and Yoga Philosophy and Ethics. Practice teaching, observing and assisting other teachers, home study and private instruction with the Director of Training also complete this program.

Instructor: Tracey L. Ulshafer, Owner/Director of One Yoga & Wellness Center

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200 Hour Program Requirements

1. Pre-requisite
At least two years of regular yoga practice as well as a desire and willingness to learn.

2. Completion of one of the following Training Schedules
Upcoming Training Schedule will be either A or B. Inquire within.

Schedule A
a. Meets one full weekend per month as follows:
Friday: 6 pm – 9 pm
Saturdays: 12 noon – 6 pm
Sundays: 9 am – 5 pm

b. Meets one additional 9 hr day, one weekend a month.

c. Students must take one weekly yoga class at One Yoga Center.

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Schedule B
a. Meets one day a week for 27 weeks, from 5:30 pm – 9:30 pm

b. Meets one Saturday per month for 6 months, from 12pm - 6pm

c. Meets one Sunday per month for 6 months, from 9pm - 5pm

Schedule B does not include one weekly yoga class at One Yoga & Wellness Center.

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3. Home Study
There are approximately 50 Home Study hours required for the 200 Hour Program. These include study and practice of the principles taught in class as well as take-home tests, readings, structuring classes, essays and written hand-in homework.

4. Practice Teachings
Students must complete two practice teachings.

5. Assists
Students must Observe and Assist other teachers for two classes.

6. Private Instruction
Students must meet with the Director – 2 hrs.

7. Weekly Classes
Students must participate in one weekly class at One Yoga & Wellness Center.
Applies to Shedule A only.

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