About One Yoga & Wellness Center

One Yoga Center began in 2000 when I started teaching a few Gentle & Hatha Yoga classes locally in the East Windsor, NJ area. As I saw the need for yoga grow rapidly in the community, I decided to open my own yoga center in October 2003, offering many yoga classes for adults and children. In 2006 we expanded to a larger facility on Route 130. In many ways this studio was a success because it started off many people on their own journeys into yoga and other holistic avenues. But the space was less than ideal, and after 10 years in this location, it was time to move.

In December 2015 we move to Hightstown Borough – just diagonal to The Peddie School. This newly renovated home boasts an open first floor with windows for light and ventilation and hard wood floors for better spring and cushioning. And there is ample parking between lots and on street – both in front of and behind the building. Moving into the borough gives our studio a more “home-town” feel and offers the yoga community a beautiful space in which to practice. With all level classes for everybody, children’s & pre-natal yoga, yoga teacher trainings, workshops and more, OYC continues to be a leading yoga studio for our area.

Since inception many students have asked why I chose the name "One" for the studio instead of some fancy, Sanskrit name. Although one is a small word and the tiniest number, to me it has the biggest meaning. I believe that all life is connected to the one whole and that we are not separate entities. I believe that the path to enlightenment begins with a simple, honest life where all that happens is Karma - not coincidence. And if you break everything down, "all" just comes down to "one.” In short, "one" is the most complete word in the universe. It’s simple, yet elegant. And in the complex world that we live in, nothing seems more perfect than “One.”

I look forward to working with you on your new or continued yoga journey. Namaste. Tracey.

On-Site & Community Services

One Yoga & Wellness Center offers on-site classes and services for yoga or massage to local area businesses, community centers, schools, other organizations and private residences. Call Tracey for pricing and availability of on-site services: 609-918-0963.

Areas that One Yoga & Wellness Center services include (but are not limited to):

The greater Mercer County Area, NJ: Allentown, Cranbury, East Windsor, Ewing, Freehold, Hamilton, Hightstown, Hopewell, Lawrenceville, Monmouth Jct., Monroe, Pennington, Princeton, Princeton Jct, Robbinsville, Roosevelt, South Brunswick, Trenton, West Trenton, West Windsor, Windsor and Lower Bucks County, PA Area: Bristol, Levittown, Morrisville, Yardley.