Class Descriptions

Yoga is a process of personal reintegration that connects the body, mind & spirit through asanas (postures), pranayama (breathing), and meditation. The key to any yoga practice is finding the right class for you. Below is a guide to our classes so that you may find the most appropriate class.

Learn how to still the mind through various meditation pathways. Helps with stress-reduction. Classes are scheduled semi-regularly. Please check the calendar as well as the class schedule page.

Gentle Yoga
A focus on very gentle stretching and breathing exercises to help promote relaxation and calm. These classes are perfect for beginners, those with physical limitations or anyone who just wants to unwind & relax. We offer a couple of these classes a week on a regular basis.

Gentle Hatha
A hybrid of our Gentle & Hatha classes with an emphasis on relaxation using a slow, meditative pace, but with some standing/weight-bearing postures added in for a little something extra. You may see these pop up on our regular schedule from time to time, mixed with Gentle Yoga classes.

Hatha Yoga (All Levels)
Our signature Hatha Yoga classes will be a balance of postures that both stretch as well as strengthen the body. Different yoga techniques are introduced in every class, keeping the individual in mind, making each class unique. These classes are for all levels - beginners & up. You will see many of these on our schedule.

Vinyasa (All Levels)
Vinyasa is breath-synchoronized movement. These classes are very eclectic, but offer that one staple: you move with the breathe. Often you will work off a a Sun or Moon Salutation sequence and progress from there. We offer our Vinyasa classes as "all levels," however if you have any injuries, inquire if they would be appropriate for you. We offer a few Vinyasa classes on our regular schedule.

Restorative Yoga with Reiki
While relaxing in restorative yoga postures, using bolsters, blocks and other props to keep you in postures, a Reiki certified instructor will go around providing Reiki energy healing individually and also for the group.

Community" Hatha (All Levels)
These are our regular Hatha classes, taught by a mixture of our teachers and teacher trainees, showcasing a 60-minute signature Hatha class. We discount these classes for our community at $5.00 drop-ins.

For those in ongoing recovery and sobriety, join us in a yoga class that links the 12-Steps with the yogic Chakra system. Anyone can attend these classes as they are a beautiful Hatha yoga class. You will hear more recovery language. Check our schedule for class times as well as upcoming yoga teacher trainings in this methodology.

Pre-Natal Yoga
For moms-to-be at any point during pregnancy. Class can be taken all the way up to delivery as we teach techniques to help with labor & delivery. These classes are not on our regular schedule, but we do offer special series from time to time. Please check out calendar or inquire. * Pregnant women can come to any Gentle yoga or Hatha classes, provided that you do not have other restrictions.

Kid's Yoga
We offer special Kid's yoga classes from time to time. Inquire about any upcoming classes.

Yoga for Cancer
For anyone who has been affected by Cancer, we offer gentle yoga classes for you. Whether in ongoing treatment, recovery, or in support of a loved one, you can drop in to these special classes for $8. Taught by certified instructors in Yoga for Cancer.

A beautiful moving meditation, these modified series Tai Chi classes provide flexibility, balance and stress reduction for all levels. Check our schedule for ongoing classes.