Energy Work

The body is an amazing instrument. But just like any instrument, it sometimes needs tuning. In yoga we learn about the 7 major energy centers of Chakras, which, when in alignment created a harmonious rhythm with our life. But when out of balance can influence our body shape, chronic ailments, glandular processes, thoughts and behavior. How do we get out of balance? Simply, life! Everyday stressors can and do affect our energy centers – often before our physical body since these extremely sensitive areas are governed by prana (life force energy) and are thus the first indicators of potential issues arising.

There are many different methods of re-aligning the chakras, and all energy practitioners will have their own method. Tracey has been teaching Chakra balancing since 2003 and with her combined knowledge of massage, reiki, shamanic healing and yoga practices, creates an Energy Work & Chakra Balancing tailored for each person. Some times one session is enough, but often times several sessions may be needed to work on the alignment of these sensitive centers.

To book energy work with Tracey, email or call 609-918-0963. All sessions are by appointment and in between regular classes on our schedule.