About Frank Malinowski, Yogini

Frank was introduced to the Cheng Man-ch'ing Short Form of Tai Chi by Dr. Wonchull Park in 1995. He has formally studied both that style and Xiaojia Chen style Tai Chi with Master Park since 2000. He has been teaching since 2006, and here at One Yoga since early 2012.

Tai Chi is the moving embodiment of Taoism. As Frank's understanding of this deepened, his Tai Chi play has progressed from doing a form to relax, to gaining greater overall strength and balance, and eventually, to approaching life in a more Taoist, more calm manner. This is, of course, a life-long journey.

Dr. Wonchull Park founded the WuWei school of Tai Chi. Taking a scientific approach from his background as a physicist, he seeks to shorten the time it usually takes students to make beneficial use of Tai Chi. Frank is one of several of Master Park's students who spread his teachings, as filtered through their own experiences and personalities. He uses traditional movements in shorter forms to focus more on the benefits of moving through Tai Chi and less on learning many different movements.

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