About Yuth Harris, Yogini

Yuth likes to keep life fun. Her smiling face can often be found around the yoga studios - either taking class or teaching. Yuth began her yoga journey to combat the stress of her career as an Architect, or, as she likes to put it, "Archi-torture." Yuth's transformation began to develop beyond her physical body as she connected to the powerful effects of peace she was able to harness from within. The discovery of conscious awareness encouraged her to dig deeper; searching for meaning through the spiritual path of yoga. "Life has a way of throwing us off centered and, sometimes we just get stuck. It's not about finding quick fixes. When we stay present to the moment and tune into ourselves do we find clarity." Yuth completed the 500 Hour Training and Certification (in Vinyasa, Hatha and Gentle styles of yoga) here at One Yoga and Wellness Center, with teacher Tracey Ulshafer.

As a native of Thailand; she frequently travels back to reconnect and immerse in Thai culture the Thai healing arts of Thai Massage. Thai massage is a form of assisted stretching, balances the energy centers in the body, which allows the recipients to relax and reintegrate with many healing benefits to their over all health and well being. Yuth merged her love of yoga with her cultural heritage when she completed the Thai Yoga Bodywork training and Certification with teacher Michael Sitzer. She continued her studies in therapeutic Thai massage in Chaing Mai, with teacher Remco at the Blue Garden; Yoga and Thai Massage.

When not at the yoga studio or giving Thai Yoga Bodywork, Yuth loves to scuba dive, travel, create her own micro-brews, and spend time with her dog, Tye. Yuth is available for Thai Yoga Bodywork at One Yoga & Wellness Center by appointment. Just email info@oneyogacenter.net or visit www.yuthfulyogathaibodywork.com for more information.

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